Update 21.0.12

Howdy Folks!

Patch Update 21.0.12 is now available here on Itch.IO. A huge thank you from me to you for playing Mercury Fallen and the amazing support.

Unless there are critical issues reported, I’ll be returning focus to the next content update. More information on what’s in development will be coming soon.

Be sure to check out the latest gameplay survey and let me know what you think.

Gameplay Feedback Survey

Release Notes

  • Minor performance improvement when items are delivered to facility
  • Minor performance improvement related to hud inventory
  • Fixed: Mining platform inventories showing in item count totals in hud inventory. HUD inventory should only show what is available in the facility.
  • Fixed: Colonist management screen continues being updated in background when not open
  • Fixed: Cloned colonists getting incorrect age
  • Fixed: Incorrect age given to found and activated robots
  • Fixed: Load crash if two surface structures exist on the same tile
  • Fixed: Convert To Mining Platform and Convert to Radar Tower actions can no longer be triggered if there is another structure on the vehicles current tile.


Mercury Fallen - Mac 172 MB
Version Sep 27, 2019
Mercury Fallen - Win 169 MB
Version Sep 27, 2019

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