Patch Update 27.2

Howdy Folks!

Few days late, but happy new year! Thanks for all the great feedback and bug reports. To start off 2021 here is a small patch update to fix a couple of issues.

Survey Time

The Update 27 :: Spatial Awareness survey is now available. I’m trying out of a new survey platform so let me know if there are any issues.

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Release Notes

  • Added visual effect to colonists when they level up in a job role
  • Minor reduction to cave-in frequency
  • Fixed: Grammar error in Tendril Forest description
  • Fixed: Deselect All: Gather Plants button shows Deselect All: Mine
  • Fixed: Colonists become stuck if mining a tile that contains another object


Mercury Fallen - Mac 172 MB
Version 0.27.2 Jan 05, 2021
Mercury Fallen - Win 169 MB
Version 0.27.2 Jan 05, 2021

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