Developer Log #19 :: Quirks

Now that we have some better ways to manage colonist jobs roles I wanted to start working on expanding the colonist attributes and how they effect game play. What slows me down most is usually how best to show the underlying data to the player. I’ve made some good progress on better colonist status info.


Info Tabs

When selecting a colonist you get the info window which has a break down of all of the info and options for that colonist. The system works very well, but as more content get’s added the list of UI elements keeps getting longer and longer. To help resolve that issue I’ve added tabbed sections to the colonist info panel for better organization of information.

Mercury Fallen Info Tabs


A big reason for this was I wanted a better break down of colonist stats information and with the existing layout would have meant more scrolling for relevant data.


Stats Section

The new section is called Stats (name may change) and offers a full break down of colonist needs, attributes and a new feature called Quirks. The new stats display shows all the information on what is going on with a given colonist and with this new break down I can add in a lot more options for attribute effects. Each need has any active effects listed under it and hovering over one will show how long that effect will last in game time.

Mercury Fallen Colonist Stats



Quirks are permanent attribute effects and are added randomly when a new colonist is created. These quirks can have either a positive or negative effect on a given attribute. For example the paranoid quirk decreases the max stress of a colonist. Hovering over the various elements in the stats will display a tool tip with further information.

Mercury Fallen Stat Tool Tips


With this new break down of information and new quirks related to stress I’m working on new stress reduction furniture items. Some fun new stuff is in the works including the possible addition of new needs.

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...too stressed or accidents may happen (oh o) as long as they don't crap all over the floor, I think we'll be ok.  Going to be banging out some bug reports soon, take them in stride.


Bugs? That's can't happen. :) Keep those bug reports coming and I'll do my best to get them fixed up. 


Bugs, I eat those, with some fava beans and a nice chianti ..   you have a good game here.  Don't give up on it.  I'm sure you have MANY hours invested already.  I'm an application dev, so I understand the struggle.  ;)


Thanks! Mercury Fallen has been in development for just over a year now. I certainly don't plan to give up on it now. There is still a lot to do and look forward to with the game.


quirks, I can give you those.. ;) 

I've read your bio info @ .. quite nice.  Hard to locate a coder that cares.. if you know what I mean.  I'm an app dev.. so logic is my thing.. Anyhow.  If your ok with it, I can jump in and give a full range of bug checks, thoughts, ideas, just general babble.. usually after a few beers..   ;) ..  here are some examples of my input:


Absolutely. Games are often only as good as the feedback from players and testers. I'm very open to bug reports and ideas/suggestions/random thoughts. Feel free to leave any comments/bugs/suggestions in the forums or contact me directly at Thanks!